Secret RF Eye Bag Removal

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About Secret RF Eye Bag Removal
  • Permanently remove mild to severe eye bag in 1 session
  • 2 additional sessions to tighten under-eye skin with Fotona laser 
  • Scarless and bloodless procedure
  • Proven and safe procedure
  • Pain free procedure
  • Minimal downtime

$2,000 (3 sessions)
(Before GST)

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How eye bags form?

Swelling or puffiness under the eyes are common signs of ageing although some get it earlier due to regular lack of sleep and tiredness. With aging, the tissues around the eyes, including some muscles supporting the eyelids become weaker. Usually fats will form in the under eye area to support the eyes, causing the lids to appear puffy. Increased fluid may also add to the swelling of eye bags.

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How is the procedure done?

Secret RF is a minimally-invasive radio frequency (RF) micro-needling system to deliver precisely controlled RF energy to varying depths of the skin to promote dermal remodeling and melt fats.

A very fine single micro-needle of 27 Guage is inserted from the side of the eye bag transmitting precisely controlled radio frequency heat to breakdown subcutaneous fat in the under eye area which leads to melting of the eye bag fats. The metabolized fats will be absorbed by the body and appearance of the eye bag will fully subside after one to two weeks of recovery.

A local anesthetic will be injected about 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure to ensure that the treatment process will have minimal to no pain. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Post care anti-bruising cream will be provided to patient to help expedite healing from swelling and minor bruising.

Secret RF is manufactured by Illooda, a top Korean medical device manufacturer recognized for its excellence and leading technology in more than 50 countries around the world.

FDA and CE approved medical device


This is a very safe procedure which work on only the layer of fat below the eye leaving other structures untouched.

Some swelling and minor bruising at the eye bag area can be experienced after the treatment. Full recovery can be expected within a few days to a week.

The patient may send a self-portrait to the clinic for tele-consultation 3 to 5 days after the procedure for doctor to assess whether patient is recovering well. Best results can be expected after one month. A review session will also be scheduled one month after the initial procedure for our doctor to examine patient’s condition as by then, the eye bag is expected to have been significantly reduced. A common procedure that our doctor may recommend after eye bag removal is Fotona4D laser to tighten up the under eye area from fine lines and wrinkles which sometimes appear after eye bag removal.

The results are usually permanent and do not need recurring treatments to maintain the result. Under eye fat does not regenerate unlike body fat. Once the under eye excess fat fully metabolised, it should not recur – similar to some people who never had eye bag never develop eye bags in their life.

The price for the Secret RF eye bag removal procedure is $2000 which include up to 3 treatment sessions. The 1st session is Secret RF treatment to remove eye bag. Subsequent 2 sessions could be either a repeat of Secret RF treatment or Fotona 4D laser. Repeat of Secret RF may be necessary if the eye bag was not completely removed in the 1st session. When the 1st session has successfully removed the eye bag, Dr will use Fotona 4D laser to tighten under-eye skin. The fee $2000 before GST also include administration of the local anaesthesia before Secret RF procedure.

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