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Pigmentation is a common skin condition which can affect many people at any stage in their lives. As it is a general term describing brown or dark spots on the skin, it can show up in various forms in different people. 

A common misconception is that all pigmentation issues are the same. In reality, there are different types of pigmentation afflicting people in Singapore, and they all require different pigmentation removal treatments.

Common Types Of Pigmentation Problems In Singapore

Melasma usually occurs on the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lips. It is known to be more resistant to treatments than other forms of pigmentation. Some features include:

  • Uneven and muddy blemishes
  • Caused by unprotected exposure to the sun
  • Occurs more frequently in people with darker skin
  • Genetics, hormones caused by pregnancy, and age are other causes

Freckles are commonly found on the cheekbones and nose. Although it is traditionally associated with Caucasians, there has been an increasing number of Asians who develop this condition. For instance, a number of people have sought pigmentation removal in Singapore. Some features include:

  • Small, brown spots
  • Usually found in younger people
  • Caused by frequent sun exposure

Solar Lentigo (Age Spots)
Commonly found in the elderly, Solar Lentigo usually occurs on the face, hands and forearms. As it tends to increase in frequency and size with age, it is sometimes referred to as age spots. Some features include:

  • Dark spots on the face resembling a setting sun
  • Round and uniform in colour
  • Caused by UV radiation

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
PIH is a flat area (neither raised nor pitted) that ranges in colour from pink to red, purple, brown, or black, depending on your skin type. Although not a true acne scar, it is a common discoloration condition left behind by cleared up acne.

They develop when acne causes skin inflammation. As the skin heals, it produces too much melanin (the substance that gives skin its colour), leaving a darker area.

Common Types Of Pigmentation Problems In Singapore

Constant Exposure To UV Light

In most cases, pigmentation occurs when a high concentration of melanin is produced by the skin in a particular area. In Singapore, due to the hot weather all year, we are constantly exposed to UV light which leads to more melanin production that will require pigmentation removal to counter the effects.

Hormonal Fluctuations.
Hormonal fluctuations can also trigger increased melanin production. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable due to unstable hormones during pregnancy. Menopause and birth control pills can also trigger hormonal-induced excess pigmentation production.

Post Inflammation Pigmentation
Physical injury to the skin, such as cuts, burns and acne, can cause pigmentation to appear. To reduce this occurrence, do not scratch or pick at the skin during the recovery process.

Why Pigment Removal Laser Is Not Good Enough?

The most common pigmentation removal treatment around the world and in Singapore is a pigment removal laser like PICO or Q-Switch to remove the pigments. However, there will always be residual pigments that remain after removal and they could grow back by feeding on the surrounding blood vessels. This is why Aesteem Clinic always combine a Vascular Laser like the Fotona Long Pulse Laser to coagulate the surrounding blood vessels together with a pigment removal laser for optimal and lasting efficacy.

Other than laser treatments, the application of topical Cysteamine cream further enhances treatment efficacy. Published in various medical journals, the use of Cysteamine recorded moderate to significant improvements after 16 weeks in 90% of patients where up to 77% of melanin index reduction in pigmented lesions have been concluded. 

Combine a Pigment removal laser with Vascular Laser for lasting results

Tribeam Q Switched Laser

Rejuvenates skin, improves skin elasticity and texture
Tribeam Q Switched Laser

Fotona Vascular Laser Treatment

Rejuvenates skin, improves skin elasticity and texture
Fotona Vascular Laser Treatment