Fotona4D Laser Eye Bag Reduction

About Fotona4D Laser Eye Bag Reduction

  • Also tighten under-eye area to reduce lines & wrinkles
  • Non-surgical, Minimally invasive
  • No anaesthetic injection
  • Lasting results
  • Minimal bruising & downtime
  • No cuts. no scars
  • No hidden, extra charges

$2,160 w/GST (3 sessions)
($2000 w/o GST)

Eye bags — Swelling or puffiness under the eyes are common signs of ageing, although some individuals may get it earlier due to a lack of sleep and tiredness. With ageing, the tissues around the eyes, including some muscles supporting the eyelids, become weaker. Fats will form in the under-eye area to support the eyes, causing the lid to appear puffy. Increased fluid may also add to the swelling of eye bags.

Eye bags are usually an aesthetic concern and is seldom a sign of any underlying medical condition. Home remedies such as cold compresses help improve the appearance of eye bags. However, for a more permanent solution for persistent eye bags and puffiness, you may consult a medical doctor and consider both surgical and non-surgical methods of removing eye bags, such as a laser treatment.

Eye bags can include:
* Mild swelling
* Saggy or loose skin
* Dark circles

The Fotona 4D Laser Eye Bag Reduction is the new, improved and non-surgical treatment for eye bags. Leveraging on advances in technology and refined techniques in recent years, it uses two different lasers to administer treatment: a dermal collagen stimulating laser and a gentle skin resurfacing laser.

A fractional non-ablative laser works on the inside of the under-eye lid to significantly reduce the targeted fat below the under-eye lid from the inside (the palpebral conjunctiva), thus getting rid of fat from the lower eyelid without making any cut or wound on the lower eye lid.

As there tend to be more fine lines and wrinkles forming at the under-eye area after removing eye bag, our doctor will also tighten the under eye area with no extra charges.


Anyone with minor eye bags. Treatment works for all skin types. It is best to let our doctor examine your condition to determine if the laser treatment for eye bags is suitable for you.

The procedure is fast, taking only about 30 minutes and is relatively painless requiring only anaesthetic eyedrops and eye shields. 

As this is a non-invasive procedure, the treatment is very safe and painless. The under-eye area may experience minor puffiness/swelling for a few days and will naturally subside after that. Most patients will require up to 3 sessions to see great improvements of the eye bag and also resurface under-eye wrinkles concurrently. The interval between sessions is 4 weeks. Optimal results can be seen with 3 to 6 sessions of eye bag reduction laser treatment to ensure patient expectation is achieved.

Each treatment will take around 30-45 minutes.

As this is a non-surgical and safe procedure, there are no risks involved. The procedure leaves no marks or cuts and patients only experience minor puffiness/swelling around the eye that will subside within 2 days. Our doctors will examine your condition before proceeding.