Enerjet Keloid Scar Removal


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Clinically Proven Results
  • Safe, effective scar reduction.
  • Highly visible improvement in one treatment.
  • Clinical white paper reports available.
  • Israeli proprietary technology.
  • No.1 Keloid scar treatment in Israel.
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Minimal Downtime.
  • Permanent Results.
  • No potential side effects due to heat.

$749 w/GST per treatment

($700 w/o GST)

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How does a keloid scar form?

The normal process of wound healing after injury or surgery involves the formation of a scar. Scars may vary by size, color, or texture from the surrounding normal healthy tissue.

However, if there is an intrinsic defect in the wound healing process, keloids may form. Keloids could be formed even in cases of minor trauma. 

Keloids are benign, fibrous skin growths that result from the aggregation of excess collagen scar tissue. The formation of keloids is commonly associated with abnormal concentrations of growth factors and hyaluronan (HA) in the dermal layer of the skin.

EnerJet Treatment for Keloid Scars

The EnerJet Scar Repair treatment is a powerful technology that uses kinetic energy and a healing compound to minimize keloid size and decrease pigmentation, thus improving skin appearance.

The EnerJet Scar Repair technology utilizes pneumatic acceleration and a jet of healing compound that penetrates the epidermis through a single, tiny entry point. This allows the treatment to spread and reach all regions in the dermis. With the accelerated effect of the solution, the fibrous structure of the keloid tissue is disrupted from the inside, breaking the deep scar adhesions from the underlying tissues, resulting to a normal, natural wound healing process.

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The EnerJet Technology

The EnerJet technology administers kinetic energy as it delivers a healing compound through a tiny entry point, hence causing very minimal epidermal damage. This method results to a precise deep injury profile effect that activates dermal remodeling.

The powerful combination of the right healing solutions and the controlled micro-trauma method stimulates collagen generation, thicker tissue formation, and correction of skin imperfections for an enhanced skin appearance.

Micro-trauma Effect 
Through a single-entry point on the skin, the highly-efficient jet injection technology delivers compounds into the dermis, activating a deep volumetric micro-trauma effect while maximizing the spread of the material as it distributes the healing compound in a lateral fashion. This results to a 100 times area coverage of only one 32G needle entry point while leaving small traces of entry on the skin.

Enhanced Collagen Production
The combined effects of jet stream and skin-healing agents boosts natural healing and hydration in skin, which then stimulates the production of new collagen for better skin thickening and tightening.

The use of EnerJet technology to treat keloid scars is an effective method to lessen the undesirable effect of keloids on skin appearance. The EnerJet system improves keloid rigidity, texture, while minimizing the discomfort before, during, and after the treatment.

The EnerJet system is a novel solution that induces a healthier wound healing process by combining the mechanical power of micro-trauma with the potency of various skin-enhancing agents.

The EnerJet system holds the promise of reducing keloids and hypertrophic scars to reveal a long-lasting aesthetic improvement of the skin.

(Before and after photos are documented in the white paper below)
Controlled Corticosteroid Introduction Using Superficial Therapeutic Pressure for the Treatment of Keloids.

This study presents six cases that emphasized the ability of EnerJet method to deliver quality, safe, and effective treatment of keloids in different anatomical areas.

Clinically-tested and proven treatment.

Enerjet 2.0 has been clinically proven to significantly minimize scar size and lessen pigment variation.

Enerjet is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment that is very safe. During treatment, most patients report a minor impact sensation that is easily tolerable. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment to dull the sensation even more.

Up to 50% recovery has been recorded 1-3 months after 1 session in clinical studies. A course of 3 treatments could see up to 90% recovery. Results are permanent and vary according to individuals.

Each treatment is between 20-40 minutes depending on patient’s condition.

You may experience mild swelling and white papules over the treatment area. This is normal and will disappear within 1-2 days. Most patients are not bothered by the minimal down time and continue with their normal activities by the next day.

There is no additional charges. $749 w/GST is for 1 treatment of Keloid Scar reduction.