Fotona Erbium Resurfacing Laser


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Fotona Erbium Resurfacing Laser

Fotona Erbium Laser - Resurface Scars & Wrinkles

  • Safely resurface melasma, wrinkles and acne scars.
  • Non-invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Minimise risk of PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
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Laser energy is emitted to the epidermal layers of the skin in an “island-like” range across the treatment area. The precise settings of the Fotona laser allows targeting of only pre-determined areas, while the surrounding tissue cells remain intact. The ablated treatment areas encourage the body’s wound healing response to stimulate fibroblasts and activate production of new collagen, and is effective in treating many types of skin conditions.

The Fotona Erbium Resurfacing Laser involves using Er: YAG and Nd: YAG laser settings that offer adjustable treatment options for all patient skin types and concerns, such as acne scars.

Image by courtesy of Fotona

The Fotona Erbium Laser has been clinically tested to effectively treat the following conditions:

1. Recalcitrant Melasma

The heat from Fotona’s Er: YAG laser stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis to reduce the appearance of melasma.

2. Wrinkles And Fine Lines

An Nd:YAG beam is passed along the skin surface twice. The first pass provides a short stimulus to the skin, the second pass penetrates the tissue, conditioning the skin to form newer and younger tissue to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Acne Scars

The Er: YAG laser safely and effectively provides minimal penetration depth required for light resurfacing of skin with acne scars, a treatment that improves skin texture and tone.

4. Open Pores And Uneven Skin Texture

Low energy with long-pulse laser beam stimulates new collagen growth to treat uneven skin texture and open pores, allowing the skin to appear smoother and more radiant.

Clinical References

For a comprehensive list of clinical studies on Fotona laser systems, please visit

One particular experiment showed that after undergoing treatment, patients felt that their conditions improved by up to 87%.

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Anyone with acne scars, melasma, wrinkles, open pores and uneven skin are suitable for the laser treatment. The treatment also works for all skin types.

The Fotona Erbium Resurfacing laser is a non-invasive procedure, and patients feel little or no pain during the 15–20-minutes treatment. Topical numbing gel can be applied before treatment for patients with lower pain tolerance.

Immediately after treatment, the skin may appear slightly flushed. This effect will disappear after approximately 15-30 minutes.

Patients can experience immediate tightening which will settle slightly after 1-2 days. Makeup can be worn immediately afterwards and normal activities can commence straight after.

To produce best possible results, repeated sessions are recommended to continue stimulating collagen production. Most patients see optimal results after undergoing 6 treatments once every 3-4 weeks.

Each treatment will take around 15-20 minutes.

There are no side effects, other than some redness and mild swelling around the treatment area that will subside in a few hours.

There is virtually no downtime, and any numbness around the treatment area will be gone when you step out of the treatment room.

Once acne scars have been reduced or removed by the laser treatment, the result is permanent.